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  • Wednesday, September 20, 2023 11:17 AM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    Caution comfort zone vintage metal sign Stock Vector by ©roxanabalint 118074398

    The comfort zone: that cozy mental space where everything feels familiar and secure, where the specter of danger and mistakes is banished. It sounds inviting, doesn't it?

    But while it might seem like a sanctuary, it can prove perilous, particularly for those striving for the extraordinary, like ambitious business professionals. Comfort zones are unique to each individual, molded by their aspirations and stress thresholds. When you step outside your comfort zone, you're venturing into uncharted territory, often marked by vulnerability.

    Let's delve into four critical dangers that lurk within the comfort zone:

    1. Stagnation in the Comfort Zone: Scientific research has uncovered a startling fact: the brain's learning centers shut down when we become accustomed to routine tasks. In essence, repetition bores the brain. However, when you venture beyond your comfort zone, your brain senses novelty and shifts into learning mode. Leaving your comfort zone broadens your perspective and opens the door to embracing new concepts and processes.

    2. Routine breeds Laziness:  It provides a haven of relaxation and stress relief. Yet, the downside of this sanctuary is that people who settle too comfortably into routines often fall prey to laziness and complacency. When creativity wanes, goals transform into mere wishes, appearing insurmountable.

    3. Stunting Growth and Narrowing Experiences Picture this: two years from now, your life remains an exact replica of today. Would you be content? By clinging to your current circumstances, you deny yourself the possibility of something exponentially better. Embracing the discomfort of new endeavors leads to a world of wonderful possibilities.

    4. Eliminating Uniqueness Remaining ensconced in your comfort zone robs the world of the chance to witness your true potential and contributions. We each possess a plethora of skills and attributes, yet routines limit our ability to showcase them.

    In Conclusion

    You've likely heard tales of individuals living the good life until they were blindsided by job loss or economic downturns. The most effective defense against external upheaval is personal evolution. It involves growth, exposure to new experiences, and adaptability. With these traits in your arsenal, you'll be well-equipped to navigate any situation and uncover solutions that work in your favor. So, take the plunge beyond your comfort zone, for therein lies the path to your fullest potential.

  • Thursday, September 07, 2023 3:06 PM | Joe Fox (Administrator)

  • Tuesday, August 29, 2023 2:19 PM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    1,200+ Power Couple Drawing Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock 

    In the world of professional networking and collaboration, the phrase "it's not what you know, but who you know" often holds true. However, the quality of those connections is equally important. This is where the concept of "power partners" comes into play. A power partner is someone who you have a strong and mutually beneficial professional relationship with, and introducing a customer, family or friend to one of your power partners can be a strategic move that benefits everyone involved.

    The key to making such an introduction effective is not just in the connection itself, but in the credibility you can offer to your contact through testimonials. This approach involves sharing specific success stories, results, and client solutions that the TBP member has achieved. By doing so, you're not just making an introduction, you're vouching for their expertise and reputation.

    Why Does This Strategy Work?

    When you introduce a contact to one of your power partners, you are essentially presenting them as a trusted resource. By answering a few crucial questions beforehand, you can present a compelling case for why your power partner should pay attention to this individual.

    1. What problems has the member solved for their clients? Understanding the challenges that the TBP member has successfully addressed for their clients is crucial. Whether it's streamlining processes, improving efficiency, or boosting profitability, being able to communicate these accomplishments speaks to their expertise.

    2. What types of results does the member typically achieve? Tangible results are a testament to one's capabilities. Whether it's increasing revenue, reducing costs, or driving growth, having data-backed achievements on hand adds weight to your introduction.

    3. What testimonials have you heard? Positive feedback from clients and colleagues holds immense value. Sharing these testimonials provides social proof of the member's skills and professionalism.

    4. Why are they a good person for your power partner to meet? Highlight the unique strengths that make the TBP member a valuable contact. Maybe their skills align with your contacts needs, or perhaps they bring a fresh perspective to the table.

    Personal Testimonials as a Strategy

    To make this strategy truly effective, it's important to be well-prepared. Spend time with the TBP member to gain a comprehensive understanding of their expertise, accomplishments, and client interactions. By having detailed answers to the questions above, you can create a compelling narrative around their capabilities.

    In addition to applying this strategy yourself, encourage other TBP members to do the same. Sharing success stories and testimonials about fellow members within the group enhances the overall credibility of the network. It's a win-win scenario where everyone benefits from stronger connections and a more reputable network.


    Introducing a contact to one of your power partners goes beyond a simple exchange of contact information. It's an opportunity to elevate the credibility of your colleague through powerful testimonials and real-world examples of their accomplishments. By mastering this strategy, you not only help your fellow TBP member, but you also contribute to the collective strength of the network, creating a community of professionals who can rely on each other's expertise and connections.

  • Tuesday, July 25, 2023 10:53 AM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    Are You Swimming with Sharks? | Royal Chemical

    Business mixers, often known as networking events, are fantastic opportunities to connect with other professionals, exchange ideas, and expand your network. However, one common mistake that many attendees make is arriving with the sole purpose of selling their products or services. Instead, the key to successful business mixers is to focus on building meaningful connections and developing referral sources. In this article, we will explore why attending a business mixer with a sales mindset might not be very effective and introduce the concept of viewing the event as a gathering of fishermen, sharing the best fishing spots rather than sharks competing in a pond.

    The Shark Tank: Sales-Oriented Approach

    Imagine a business mixer as a pond filled with sharks, each aggressively trying to sell their offerings to others. This analogy highlights the problem with adopting a sales-oriented approach at networking events. When everyone is focused on selling, it becomes a competitive and uncomfortable environment, where attendees may become guarded, skeptical, or disinterested. The constant barrage of sales pitches and business cards can lead to a lack of genuine engagement and meaningful connections.

    The Fishermen's Gathering: Building Relationships

    Now, let's change the perspective and view a business mixer as a gathering of fishermen who love their craft and wish to share their experiences. Fishermen understand that the best way to find success in their endeavors is not by competing against each other but by collaborating and exchanging information. Instead of trying to sell fish to other fishermen, they discuss the best fishing spots, techniques, and equipment. Similarly, at a business mixer, professionals should approach it with the intention of building relationships and exchanging knowledge rather than engaging in a sales race.

    The Referral Source Strategy: Fostering Connections

    At a business mixer, your primary goal should be to establish yourself as a valuable referral source. Rather than worrying about what you can sell to others, focus on what you can offer to them in terms of connections and referrals. Think about the services or products that complement your own and that people often inquire about but fall outside your expertise.

    For example, let's consider a tax professional who specializes in individual tax returns. This tax professional might not provide services like bookkeeping or payroll. Therefore, bookkeepers and payroll representatives would make excellent referral sources for them. By identifying such complementary businesses, you can actively seek out professionals in those fields at the mixer, introduce yourself, and express your interest in working together to support each other's clients.

    Finding Your Value: Being a Valuable Referral Source

    If you're unsure about the value you bring to others, think about the services or products that people regularly request from you but are outside your scope. These are the areas where you can become a valuable referral source. By recognizing your strengths and limitations, you position yourself to collaborate with other professionals and establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

    The Power of Exchange: Developing Referral Partnerships

    Building referral sources and relationships at business mixers can lead to a powerful exchange of business opportunities. When you connect with other professionals, you are tapping into their networks and connections, opening up new possibilities for your own growth. Similarly, when you refer clients to someone, they are more likely to reciprocate by sending clients your way when the need arises. This symbiotic relationship can be highly advantageous for everyone involved.


    Approaching a business mixer as a salesperson in a pond full of sharks might yield limited results and hinder the potential for meaningful connections. Instead, embrace the mindset of a collaborative fisherman, seeking to share knowledge and build relationships. Identify your strengths and the services you don't provide to become a valuable referral source to others. By nurturing these referral partnerships, you can create a network of professionals supporting each other's businesses and paving the way for mutual growth and success. So, the next time you attend a business mixer, leave the sales pitch at home and focus on fostering genuine connections and becoming a trusted referral source.

  • Thursday, July 20, 2023 3:11 PM | Joe Fox (Administrator)

    WebVillage.Marketing is a dedicated marketing support team that focuses on providing customized solutions for small businesses, with particular expertise in the wine industry, medical and healthcare sectors. Our journey began in 1999, with a strong foundation in web development, where we initially crafted websites for local businesses. Today, we extend a comprehensive range of small business marketing services to help your enterprise achieve visibility, recognition, and connectivity.

    Our specialization lies in ensuring that small businesses establish a distinctive online presence. Whether you seek a simple and localized business aura or aspire for the grandeur of a large corporation, we cater to your specific requirements. Unlike traditional, intricate marketing proposals inundated with countless options and add-ons aimed at maximizing profits, we offer a singular, comprehensive package at an affordable price, encompassing everything you will need as a small business.

  • Wednesday, June 28, 2023 11:06 AM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    Closed a deal, achieved your lifetime goal or tasted your first success? Reward yourself. - Urban Splatter

    In the pursuit of goals, many individuals overlook the power of creating a reward system that aligns with their goal execution rather than solely focusing on the desired outcomes. By understanding the disparity between the approaches of professionals and amateurs, we can uncover a more effective method of driving motivation and success.

    Professionals, especially high-performing individuals, leverage rewards as a means to sustain motivation for themselves and those around them. They adopt execution-based goals, which are entirely within their control, while recognizing that the results they aim for, but cannot fully control, are known as targets. This distinction allows them to prioritize the process over the outcome, ultimately leading to greater achievements.

    Amateurs, on the other hand, often rely on rewards for themselves and their team members based on the attainment of results. While this approach may seem appealing, champions employ a superior system. Amateurs tend to focus solely on the results, mistakenly considering them as their goals, despite having limited control over them. True goals should be attainable objectives, while the results become the targets to strive for.

    To illustrate this further, let's consider a scenario involving  Cold Calls for salespeople:

    Result based goal:

    If you set your goal by how many sales you make from cold calls, traditional thinking would dictate that failing to make a sale means failing to achieve the goal, leading to potential reprimands or penalties.

    Execution-based goals:

    However, in an execution-based goal system, simply accomplishing the required number of calls automatically earns the reward, regardless of the outcome of those calls. Adjustments to the targets can be made based on the results. This approach emphasizes rewarding individuals for their commitment to actions they can control.

    The underlying philosophy is straightforward:

    *reward individuals for following through on their commitments, focusing on activities they can influence.

    Offering rewards for increasing sales, market share, or any outcome-based goals can be counterproductive, as it rewards individuals for factors they only played a partial role in achieving, while also penalizing them under the same criteria. This practice can diminish performers' motivation and hinder their progress.

    While the end results still hold importance, the emphasis shifts towards consistently executing tasks with excellence. By rewarding performers for their integrity and reliability, we foster a cycle of success, bolstering confidence and enthusiasm in their endeavors.

    In summary, the concept of execution-based goal rewarding challenges conventional thinking and offers a more effective approach to drive motivation and achievement. By prioritizing the execution of controllable actions and rewarding individuals accordingly, we cultivate a culture of success that thrives on consistency and quality.

  • Wednesday, April 05, 2023 1:47 PM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    9 Great Places to Meet for Coffee - VoyageDenver - Denver

    Here are the simplified steps for conducting successful business meetings with co-members:

    1. Plan your meetings in advance and schedule 1-2-1's with one member per meeting. Try to meet at their place of business, if possible, to see them in their work environment.
    2. Remember that these are business meetings, so act professionally and focus on the agenda. Treat your co-member as you would your biggest client and be on time. Avoid distractions, such as phone calls and texts.
    3. Prepare and share your objectives for the meeting, which could include getting to know the person, sharing target markets, identifying their current referral sources, exchanging success stories, and establishing a method for qualifying referrals.
    4. Commit and agree on goals, and aim to have at least one short-term and one long-term referral on your to-do list before leaving. Also, consider inviting people from your partner's contact sphere list to the following week's meeting.
    5. Make notes and review them the day and week after the meeting to help remember important information.

    By following these steps, you can effectively train your co-members to give you referrals and build strong relationships with them.

  • Friday, March 31, 2023 10:44 AM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    Mystery Person Images – Browse 171,400 Stock Photos, Vectors ...

    Identifying your target market is essential for any business, as it allows you to better focus your marketing efforts and reach the right customers. When joining a networking group, it is especially important to be able to clearly and succinctly communicate who your perfect customer or client is, as this will make it easier for your referral partners to provide quality referrals for you.

    For businesses that serve consumers, important demographic information to consider includes:

    gender, family structure, household income, location, and education level.

    For example, a childcare business might target families with young children who live in a specific geographic area and have a household income above a certain threshold.

    For businesses that serve other businesses, important factors to consider include

    location, number of employees, years in business, specialty or type of business, size of company, number of departments, industry, and whether the company is public or private.

    For example, a web design company might target small businesses in a specific geographic area that have been in business for less than 5 years and operate in industries such as hospitality or retail.

    By knowing exactly who your target market is, you will be better equipped to develop effective marketing strategies and make the most of your networking group. Remember, the clearer and more specific you are about who you serve, the easier it will be for others to refer you to the right people.

  • Friday, March 24, 2023 10:42 AM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    642,490 Gift Giving Images, Stock Photos & Vectors ...

    Referrals make a great impact on any business, and following these steps, give you an edge in providing quality referrals.

    First, listening actively to identify a need shows the individual that you care about their situation.

    Second, letting them know that you know someone who can help also shows that you have a network of professionals and can be trusted.

    Third, if you have experience with the member or their services, give a personal testimonial to add credibility.

    Next, giving out the member's information or business card is crucial in closing the loop. Without providing contact information, your referral might not turn into business for the member you've referred.

    Finally, asking the individual when it would be a good time to call the member ensures that the member is contacted and the individual's needs are taken care of.

    It's also important to have an idea of what makes a good referral, like the examples provided, with a detailed description of their needs or services desired. Testimonials establish credibility and make an impact on the referred member's reputation, so making them specific and unbiased helps the individual make a decision.

    To further boost testimonials, try offering your services for free to members. By doing so, it can encourage more members to have first-person experiences and testimonials, thus improving the quality of your referrals. By following these steps, you can ensure the referrals you make will have a positive impact on both sides - the one who referred and the business that gained a new opportunity.

  • Tuesday, December 20, 2022 10:35 AM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    Christmas Party Photos, Download Free Christmas Party Stock ...

    During the Holidays many professionals find it difficult to get any work done but actually it is a great time to take advantage of the opportunity to meet people you would not ordinarily get a chance to. The connections you make can be on a more personal level so that when it's time to get back to business a bond has already been made. Below are some tips on how to take advantage of the season.

    Relaxed Atmosphere

    When meetings take place at a Holiday party, the atmosphere shifts. Instead of suits, there are jackets and ugly Christmas Sweaters. People laugh with each other instead of impatiently checking their watches. It also allows people to really get to know one another and how they react to certain situations before doing business with them.

    More Time to Talk

    Business conversations in a corporate situation are always rushed. People are in a hurry to get to done and get to their next meeting. This leaves little time to hash out details. However, when meetings take place during a casual Holiday event, there is an entire afternoon to discuss important information. You can easily get several hours of your contacts time in one afternoon, which is often unheard of in a conference room.

    This also gives individuals an opportunity to get to know who is behind the sales pitch and decide if they want to do business with them. While the deal may not be signed right then and there, it’s more likely to happen in the future.

    Stand Out

    Professionals attending a holiday party can help a company stand out and says something about that business. This sends a message that remains impossible to top with a sales pitch. It tells potential clients that they are valued, that the brand is successful, and can set them apart from competitors which is necessary in the cluttered corporate world.

    Do business with a friend

    Celebrating the holidays with others helps to create a bond that has the potential to last years. When this bond is created, more deals are signed, and more contracts are renewed. Participating in events on a regular basis also gives you the potential to meet new connections. Most company executives attend end of the year holiday parties, making this one of the most relaxing ways to build a network.

    Team Building

    Meeting outside the office for a Holiday get together isn’t just for high-powered executives and closing deals. They’re also for building a rapport with existing team members. Holiday get togethers often are filled with laughter as associates form bonds with one another. Back in the office, team members are more likely to collaborate with and support one another.

    Business Holiday parties are not only a time-honored tradition but they’re also a necessity. They help build strong bonds with important people and getting vital one on one time with associates or potential clients. This is something traditional conference room meetings simply cannot compare to.

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