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  • Thursday, May 12, 2022 10:16 AM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    What do you hope to accomplish from your relationships with your network? Everyone hopes for a mutually beneficial partnership, correct?

    You’re hoping that if you have a problem of some sort, the people in your network can help you solve it by directing you to the right people, resources, or information. And that’s awesome! But as you build your strategic network, it’s important to ask yourself if you’re returning the favor. A network is only successful as long as it’s mutually beneficial, so your list of contacts is going to get pretty short if you’re doing all of the taking and none of the giving. That’s why it’s important to approach every partnership by asking yourself how you can add value to that other person’s life. Because if you really think about it, the people who help others solve their problems are truly the real value!

    Let's visualize this example, 

    Think for a moment about your vehicle. It’s powerful. It’s comfortable. It can easily fit multiple people in it. It can almost take you anywhere you need to go. But eventually, it’s going to run out of juice. On its own, your vehicle can’t do anything about that; it lacks the ability to fuel itself. You, consistently filling it will gas is what causes your vehicle to run. Fuel is a key ingredient your vehicle needs to recharge, succeed, and fulfill its purpose. And when you fuel your vehicle, you and your vehicle become the perfect partnership! What can you do to provide the proper fuel that your network needs in order to perform in the best manner possible.

  • Wednesday, May 04, 2022 10:03 AM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    Have you ever played the game “Telephone”? One person whispers a message to the person next to them, that person then has to whisper the exact same message to the next person. The relayed message invariably gets contorted before reaching the last person in the chain. The end result is quite funny, with the final whispered message bearing little resemblance to the original.

    The longer and more complex the starting message, the less chance it has of surviving the trip. This game can be funny, but in real life, when it comes to your business this is no laughing matter. In word-of-mouth marketing, communication is critical; success rests on the delivery and impact of your message.

    Create a message that can be repeated

    1.) Make sure your message shows your passion

    2.) Be memorable, mention benefits more than features

    3.) Make your message authentic and motivational

    4.) Simplify your message. Make it clear and concise and it will arrive intact when it reaches your target market.

  • Thursday, April 28, 2022 1:54 PM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    Increasing your approachability

    1. Be ready to engage

    Whenever you attend a meeting, event, party, etc, be prepared for conversations to take place. It is important to have rehearsed conversation topics, questions, stories, etc. in the back of your mind so that you are ready to converse as soon as you meet someone. This will help avoid awkward “how’s the weather?” conversations.

    2. Discover and Focus on CPI (common point of interest)

    Your duty, as you meet new people, is to discover the CPI as soon as possible. This will help establish a bond between you and others. It increases your approachability and allows people to feel more comfortable talking with you.

    3. Give Flavored Answers

    We hear plenty of basic questions in our interactions that go nowhere if not responded with a flavored answer. Questions like “How’s it going?” “What’s Up?” or “How are you?”. Do not fall into the conversation-ending trap of responding “Fine.” Instead offer “Flavored answers” like “Things are going Amazing?” or “Everything is beautiful.” Your conversation partner will instantly change their demeanor, smile and most of the time inquire further to find out what made you answer that way. Why? Because nobody expects it and offering a true response to magnify the way you feel is a perfect way to share yourself and make yourself personally available.  

    4. Don’t cross your arms

    People see crossed arms and they drift away. It’s a simple, subconscious cue that says “Stay away.” It makes you not approachable.

    5. Give options for communication

    People like to communicate with you in different ways; some will like to speak face to face, others over the phone, or via text and email.  Give people as many ways as you can to contact you. Make it easy and pleasant. What matters most is the other person’s comfort and ability to communicate with you effectively.

    6. You’re in control

    Do you ever hear yourself saying, “They won’t say hello to me. They won’t be interested in me”. Don’t let the fear of rejection, inadequacy stop you from achieving your goals. The more you start conversations, the better you will become at it. Be the first to introduce yourself or simply say hello. When you take an active rather than passive role, you put yourself in control and will develop your skills to lower your chance of rejection.

  • Wednesday, April 06, 2022 12:31 PM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    What is a business Mixer?

    -It is typically a meet-and-greet event of different business professionals of all professions held by city chambers, businesses, and business associations

    Why should you attend?

    - Gain knowledge and exposure to new trends, products and resources

    -Keep an edge over your competitors with knowledge of the latest technology and trends in your industry with an introduction to new products, equipment and services.

    -Learn about what’s hot, what’s fading and what your company needs to have right now

    -Meet the who’s who of local business professionals

    -Stimulate new ideas and creative ways to support your business

    -Most importantly you are there to build business relationships, meet other business professionals who you can lean on, learn from, and possibly gain business from that you would not have had the chance to meet had not attended. 

    Tips while attending a business Mixer

    1. Have a Purpose

    Before you get to the event, ask yourself, “why am I going?” Come up with two outcomes you hope to get out of the event—say, meeting three new people. Knowing ahead of time what you’re hoping to accomplish will help you stay focused—not aimlessly wandering around.

    2. Bring Business Cards and other Marketing Material

    The goal is not to just to hand out to everyone you see, but have available for those that want the information.

    3. Have your introduction prepared

    4. Focus on others and their needs

    5. Have a list of questions

    Have a few good questions in your back pocket. Asking the other person about their background and work will show that you’re interested in more than just your own job opportunities.

    · How do you like working for your company?

    · What’s your primary role at your company?

    · What projects are you working on right now?

    · How did you get involved in your field?

    6. Take Notes

    You may be meeting quite a few people, try to jot notes down after each conversation to remind you of what was discussed.

    7. Follow Up

    A few days after the event, send follow-up emails to anyone you met that you’d like to continue networking with. Inviting them to join your networking group is a great way to start a consistent networking relationship.

  • Friday, February 25, 2022 12:43 PM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    Here are some general rules around building a referral process to keep in mind.

    • 1)     Let it be known.
    • Referrals can be an extremely effective way to grow a business, but clients need be informed that it is something your firm desires. Throughout your interaction with your client, make them aware that your firm builds there business through referral and word-of-mouth, it will give them a way to thank you.
    • 2)     Add Value.
    • Customers will want to refer you if you’ve delighted them. Go above and beyond with your customers to reap the referral rewards. If they have a pleasant experience they will want others to experience the same.
    • 3)     When to Ask. (The Law of Reciprocity).
    • Customers want to exchange with you something of value after you perform a service. If you perform the bare minimum, the payment will suffice there urge to reciprocate. However, if you go above and beyond, a customer will feel the need to do the same, and referrals are a perfect way to show that. The best time to ask for a referral is when they express gratitude for the extra service they received.
    • 4)     Make it easy for them.
    • A lot of times referrals are not made because of the complexity of getting the referral in touch with you. Make it easy; offer various methods to make the connection happen: email, text or phone call and the best times to do so. Let them know they can also send you the referrals information and you will make the contact.
    • 5)     Make it a comfortable transition.
    • Explain to your client how welcoming you will be to their referrals and the special treatment they will receive because they were sent by them. Tell them what their clients can expect when they call and say they were referred, or how you will go about contacting there referrals. If you make your client look good, they will want to send you more referrals.

  • Sunday, February 20, 2022 6:32 PM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    TBP got that chance to sit down with former member Denis Nurmela. Denis Nurmela was a member of TBP as a Business Coach and has since moved to China. Mr. Nurmela is an author & freelance writer who has real-world experience in subjects he writes about. As an entrepreneur for over 20 years he has founded companies in both the for-profit and non-profit industries. He has built companies from ground level to multi-million dollar organizations.

    Denis has been an active member of Vistage, the world's largest CEO membership organization. He is sought after as a business consultant, speaker, and is a freelance writer for a variety of business associations.

    In our latest interview with Denis, he provided multiple secrets in the area of Neuro-Linguistics, where you can train your subconscious mind to turn off all the restrictions that hold you back when conducting business interactions, Full Interview below:

  • Monday, January 31, 2022 10:26 AM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    Everybody watches the news, reads a newspaper or googles what’s going on to gain insight into local and world event. Begin to look at “the News” differently by looking for opportunities for referrals. Every part of “the News” presents problems or significant issues of one kind or another. Train yourself to see problems and opportunities where an ordinary person wouldn’t.

    The News is filled with opportunities for you to act as a “go-to person” for the people in your network.

    With the right mindset, a news article can turn into information or a resource that could be beneficial to you or someone in your network.  

    We understand that a lead is different than a referral but if you change your mindset and become the go-to person for these issues, you can help your network turn leads into referrals.

    Questions to ask yourself when listening to “the News”

    1.) What are people saying?

    2.) What are the problems or changes happening in the environment you are reading about?

    3.) What is happening that could have an impact to you or one of your network partners?

    4.) Who is in need of services because of this information?

    5.) Where are the networking opportunities?

  • Thursday, January 20, 2022 11:32 AM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    Build YOUR Networking Group

    Joining a networking group is a great strategy to have a consistent opportunity meeting with other business professionals to develop business relationships that can provide referrals, exchange business ideas, and develop your business skills.

    Members can get discouraged if they feel they’re group does not have the proper industries that can help their profession grow. What they fail to do is take responsibility in making the group their own. Networking Groups welcome all types of members and encourage you to invite them in order that you make the most out of your time.

    It is important you take some time to strategize on how you will form your meeting so that you can get the most out of it. Below are some tips to help:

    - Know your business’ target market

      Sit down and look at what you are offering and look around at who you think would be perfect for your product or service. Geographic, demographic and psychographic are the three main ways you can find your target market.
      Know how to explain exactly who you are after and your referral partners will know how to reach them easier. You'll be more focused, more effective in your marketing strategies and be able to get a greater return from your networking group. (For example, a wedding planner would be a connection with a wedding photographer)

    - Know your complimenting industries

      Identify business professionals that compliment you rather than compete with your business. They have similar target markets and naturally provide a source of referrals for one another. They are in somewhat related but non-competitive markets. (For example, a wedding planner would be a connection with a wedding photographer). Make a list of all industries that compliment your business.

    - Invite

      Do not be hesitant to invite these industries to your group. There is huge value at this group for them, YOU! It is worth their time to attend any meeting that has a complimenting industry involved because they know the referrals are there. It is up to them to earn them.

    - Ask your Fellow Members to Invite

      Make sure when you are speaking to the current members of your group that in addition to a referral, you are also requesting for them to invite these complimenting businesses. And to make sure they use “YOU” as a good reasoning for them to visit.

    - Develop your sales strategy

      This goes for all the members in the chapter, it is important that you have developed a simple system for your referral partners to be able to refer you. This will take some practice; the complimenting industries will be who you use to measure the success of your sales strategy. If they are not able to easily refer you, especially with the fact they meet your target market daily, it could mean your sales pitch needs some work. Ask your group members for input and criticism to help develop this pitch.

    We are each other’s Sales team.

  • Tuesday, January 11, 2022 5:08 PM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

    1. Have a system

    Before you sign in to a zoom meeting, make sure you have a plan. Set aside time on your calendar 24-to-72 hours after an event to follow up with the people you met. Literally block the time out as you would with an important appointment. Additionally, how will you capture information at the event? Have a note pad and take notes to remind yourself of the topics you discussed. It’ll pay off later.

    2. Prioritize the contacts

    Everyone you meet is not equal. It would be great if we could follow up with everyone in the meeting with an hour-long personal meeting and learn at leisure about what they do. But let’s be honest, most of us don’t have this luxury. So think about the people you see and decide who you’ll connect with on social media, who’ll get a follow up email, and who’s just not important enough to reach out to. Consider those you either had a great personal connection with or who may be a potential client or strategic partner and they are the ones that should be your top priority to cultivate and grow the relationships.

    3. Remember that small things become huge

    Take note of the special events and interests of those in the meeting and reach out. Keep in mind someone’s birthday, someone new in there field, received a promotion or had some other milestone event. Use these items as opportunities to reach out. In your conversations, if issues come up that you can help with, be a resource. Perhaps someone at a networking event mentions their husband is recently unemployed and looking for an executive career coach. If you know someone appropriate, contact them with the information or make the introduction. Or if someone mentions they know Instagram could really help with marketing their business but they don’t understand what to do, send them a helpful article with some tips. Action items like this will help you stand out, be of value and be extremely appreciated because they show you listened.

    4. Do what you say you’ll do

    Often at a networking event you may promise to make an introduction or send a new contact some information about an event or an organization. Following through with those promises is a great way to build trust and credibility with a new connection. Conversely, if you say you’re going to do something and don’t do it, you’ve really made a bad impression. In the future when you see that person again, it will be an elephant in the room with both of you thinking about the fact that you never followed through with what you promised. Uncool!

    5. Open your network

    Ask your new contacts who they’re looking to meet and try to make a few introductions within your network to help them out. You can also tell people to feel free to look at your social media connections and let you know if there is anyone you can introduce them to that would be helpful. Note you don’t have to do this with every new contact. Some people will take advantage. Make sure you have vetted people in some way or gotten to know them better before simply opening your network.

    Remember, being successful with your networking follow up has a lot to do with planning ahead. Have a system in place where you are reaching out to people in your network every 30 or 60 days, or whatever works for you. Think about setting up quarterly phone calls with people in your network to simply hear about what projects they are working on or what challenges they are facing. It’s less about you and more about how you can serve them. All that good karma will come back to you.

  • Monday, December 06, 2021 9:57 AM | Joe Fox (Administrator)

    The 60 second introduction is not unique to Trusted Business Partners; in

     fact it is not even unique to Tips (referral) Clubs. It is an integral part of

     most business, clubs, social gatherings and service organizations. The elevator s

    peech is used in everything from board rooms, to churches to family reunion, or just standing in line at the bank. 

    The reason may not be to state your business and what you are looking for (like how we use it at a TBP meeting). For example it could be to let others know who you are and how to contribute to a common goal within an organization, etc.


    I have heard countless elevator presentations over the years, some great ones and many that could have used a little work to get their point to the target audience    

    The great ones all had one thing in common, they were prepared. With that preparation came the focus off taking the speech from point A to Point Z all in Just a 60 Second Span. 

    The goal of having a well prepared and rehearsed elevator speech, when it comes to structured networking should be to teach your fellow members to be your extended marketing arm in the course of their daily activities. 

    You might be thinking to yourself its only 1 minute, I can wing It I’ve been doing this for a long time. This attitude on the surface is not good if only for the fact that while you are trying to think of something to say, you are not giving the people speaking your full attention. 

    I know where that train of thought is coming from. I used to feel the same way. In fact I felt that sometimes it was better to adjust my speech to react to something that was said in the meeting. It wasn’t until later that I found out the true consequences of not having a prepared speech. 

    Your elevator speech should be ingrained in your mind until it becomes a reflex, so that no matter what the situation is it’s there at your fingertips to use on a moment’s notice. 

    My “Ah Ha Moment” came a few years back when I was backstage at a convention getting ready to go out in front of hundreds of people to receive an award. There was a person there also waiting to go on stage. This person would have been my perfect power partner and I would have never thought I would have had an opportunity to meet him. We started talking to kill the couple of minutes before we went out to address the assembly. He ask me what I did and I went blank. I don't even know what I said. He got called to the stage before I could recover I went out about 10 minutes later and never saw him again. 

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